The Art Market Gallery is a cooperative of more than sixty East Tennessee artists dedicated to providing a vibrant marketplace for original art and fine crafts. We are located in the heart of downtown Knoxville with convenient parking on Gay Street, State Street Parking Garage and Market Square Parking Garage.


The Art Market Gallery Helps their “Artistic” Neighbor

The Art Market Gallery Helps their “Artistic” Neighbor Each year, members of the Art Market Gallery get together and create Christmas ornaments to be sold to benefit the Community School of the Arts. The School offers exposure to fine arts education and provides mentoring and guidance to East Tennessee’s young people. The Art Market Gallery […]

Pamela Salyer -Painting/drawing

Pamela Salyer (Mixed Media) Nature is my biggest and most consistent inspiration. Whether the subject is a landscape, a branch, or a group of trees, my paintings and collages are my attempts to describe and capture the ephemeral beauty that I find outdoors. The results are usually somewhere between direct representation and abstraction, transforming trees, […]

Palo Amber Anne- Clay

Amber Anne’s figurative sculptures range the spectrum from whimsical and light-hearted to life-like and thought provoking.  She uses sgraffito, the layering of glazes and underglazes, and incorporates antique and found objects into her work to bring out the desired effect or emotion that she hand builds into the clay.  Her goal is to connect with […]

Sandra Abraham – Painting/Drawing

Vista Bella, Pastel My pastel paintings are images of sunlit places I have visited. I have traveled to Italy, Bermuda, Florida, Maine, Eastern Canada, and the Southwest. Some of my work is painted plein aire, but most of the images are first composed with my camera. Later in my studio the photographs are used to […]

Diane Aldrich – Mixed Media

I have a  Bachelor and Masters of Science in Art Education degrees and have taught art in New York and Florida  .I have exhibited in several galleries and shows,primarily in in both states. I have lived in Tennessee 4 years. My chosen media now is  mixed media: a combination of mono printing & drawing.

Hugh Bailey – Painting, Clay, Printmaking

Gray Bearden – Clay

Lynda Best – Painting

  For me, everything in nature is moving energy and that is part of my spirituality. The water and flowers are constantly changing because of our mountain seasons. I use acrylic in a modern impressionistic style with entrancing outlines and colors that “freeze” the movement and constant change found in the nature of Beautiful Tennessee. […]

Mary Ellen Bohm – Painting/Drawing

Kathy Bradley – Jewelry

Paula C. Browning – Painting

Gay Bryant – Painting, Printmaking

Gay Bryant is a painter and printmaker whose playful paintings and prints depict nature, architecture, and events of everyday life. The use of traditional printmaking and painting techniques lure the viewer into commonplace scenes of familiar images.  The rich landscape of eastern Tennessee informs and inspires Bryant’s paintings and prints.  Most of her printmaking involves […]

Sylvia Caldwell – Jewelry

Inactive member

Synthia Clark – Photography

The Little Things, for me, refers to the obscure, usually unnoticed details. Those are the things I like to photograph because it enhances my perspective. Focusing on capturing small, intricate scenes with my lens reminds me to appreciate the little things. Website:

Lillian Clinard – Painting/Drawing

  Artist’s website: Biography Living in East Tennessee, I am mesmerized by the beauty around me: the landscapes, cityscapes, people, animals and plants. Through reading, observing other artists and painting every chance I get, I portray the world around me. I am fortunate to have shown my work in local group exhibitions, galleries and juried […]

Robert Conliffe – Clay, Photography

In 1997 I retired and moved to Knoxville, Tennessee and began my career as a ceramic artist. Although I have studied with many regional artist, most of my work has been self-directed. Focusing on “Raku Firing” as a direction for my work has been an especially enjoyable process. I have expanded this to include horse […]

Gary Dagnan – Painting

  Gary Dagnan has been drawing and painting since childhood. Gary is a Tennessee native. He was born and grew up in the East Tennessee area. His inspiration comes from the rural landscapes of this area. “Most of my paintings are of the mountains, hills, lakes and buildings of this area. I enjoy the changing […]

Anne E. Dally – Clay, Mixed Media

My journey into the world of art began at the University of Wisconsin where credits in ceramics and painting were required for a degree in Occupational Therapy. Harvey Littleton, a well known potter, introduced me to clay and the potter’s wheel. Work in ceramics was deferred during graduate work in Speech Pathology at Northwestern University […]

T.P. Dunn – Drawing

Genie Even – Painting

I am a native Californian whose interest in art began in elementary school and continued throughout high school and college. I graduated as an art major from Scripps College, Claremont, CA. Millard Sheets was both my advisor and teacher. In the early nineties I was able to give art my full focus. My medium is […]

Gordon Fowler – Wood

I’m a full time stay-at-home-dad to my three children. I have been turning wood in my “spare time” since 2002, using a woodturning lathe. Almost all of the wood I use is native to East Tennessee. I enjoy recycling these logs that would otherwise have gone to someone’s fireplace or the landfill. I have taken […]

Elaine Fronczek – Fiber

Since I was a child I have always been fascinated by fabric, yarn, fiber and the ability to create beautiful objects from them. When introduced to wet felting I discovered the ability to create my own unique fabric using these elements. This fabric then becomes either body textiles or home décor items that offer both […]

Stan Fronczek – Furniture


Larry Gabbard – Clay

Larry creates wheel thrown pottery using alternative kilns and firing techniques: raku, horse hair, saggar, naked raku, and pit firing which create a rich variety of textures and colors on bisque clay.

Eric Gebhart – Photography

To me photography is about connecting with nature and sharing all that it has to offer through the images it allows me to create.  Like so many other people I have always been drawn  to the Smoky Mountains.  Even as a child I was moved by their natural beauty,  unique landscape and incredible biodiversity.  Now […]

Jeannie Grivetti – Mixed Media

Johnny Glass – Glass

  Glass by Glass studios is a bi-coastal glassblowing Mobile Hotshop Extravaganza. Glass by Glass is based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, and Los Angeles, California.  Johnny Glass, CEO and founder of Glass by Glass, has made it his mission to bring a new awareness and interest back to the art of glass he loves so […]

Chriss Hardy – Painting

Patricia Herzog – Clay

I’ve been working as a professional clay artist since 1978 after graduating from the University of Tennessee with a Master of Science Degree in Ceramics. My recent work reflects my continued interest in color, texture and function. Color is very important for my personal well-being. Therefore, I continue to experiment with bright glazes that flow […]

Kathy Holland – Painting

The landscape has always had a powerful pull on me and has shaped my sensibilities from a very early age all the way through my painting career. Recently I wanted to examine just how I related to the landscape, to challenge myself and take some risks. So I spent two months alone just painting the […]

Harriet Smith Howell – Painting, Painted Silk Clothing

Harriet’s paintings are expressive interpretations of the Tennessee landscape. She uses color and movement to capture the emotional and visual energy of nature. Some pieces are explorations into a real time and place. Others are involved in revealing the emotion and energy of a location through abstraction. All are an intensely personal response of the […]

Suzanne Jack – Painting

Inna Nasonova Knox- Painting

Inna Nasonova Knox  paints her paintings with a lot of sunshine, with the use of bold and clear hues.  Her preferences in painting topics are cityscapes, seascapes, and landscapes, where she is accentuating on the local culture of an area. She believes that every city and place has its own character and individuality. She grew up in several Russian […]

Eun-Sook Kim – Clay, Painting

Eun‐Sook creates functional clay pieces using a number of techniques, double walled, inlay decoration, brushwork glazes, and sculpture which show her Korean, Chinese and Japanese influences.  She received her B.A. in English literature from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul, Korea in the early 1960s. She was accepted into a graduate program at the University of Tennessee, and upon […]

Roger Kroll – Jewelry

The intent of my jewelry and metal art is to create a functional art form. My goal is to continually explore form, shape, texture and color, incorporating the vast “pallet” of techniques and material available to the precious metal artist.

Lisa Kurtz – Clay

  In college, while experimenting with painting and graphic design, I signed up for a pottery class for fun. I was instantly in love with clay and changed my major to Ceramics. After receiving a Masters degree in Ceramics at the University of Louisville in Ky., I set up my first studio in the artsy, […]

Karen Kyte – Clay

I’ve been an artist ever since I held crayons. I decorated everything and made endless mud-pies. I was the busiest, messiest kid on the block. It was logical and practical of course to study medical technology, that was until I took a painting class. Liver flukes lost their glamor, replaced by my real passion, mud-pies. […]

Jennifer Lindsey – Jewelry

Julia Malia – Fiber

Kate McCollough – Painting

  There is so much freedom in being able to create. The world of painting is a magical place where the looking glass is only limited by my imagination. The goal for my art is to not only reach that deeper place but to offer something to the viewer that could reach a place in […]

Marie Merritt – Painting

  A painting is not about the painter, but the subject. As the artist behind the work of art, I hope the viewer is first drawn to the emotion and character depicted in the painting. After focusing on this, details — the result of time-honored oil painting techniques — are discovered. Through the careful combination […]

Phil Monroe – Metal

Brenda Mills – Painting

I create art because it is exciting and liberating. My work frequently tells a story and often has an element of humor in it. I attempt to engage the viewer in my “narration”. They may never understand my intentions, but that is OK – the point is to enjoy the experience! Due to varied expressions […]

Mike Naney – Photography

  I have used cameras from age 8, at first to record family gatherings, pets, and vacation memories. As an adult a camera has been a constant companion in the outdoors. It has been used to document geologic observations in the field, and to record natural beauty on weekend excursions and family vacations. Beginning in […]

Amber Ann Palo – Clay

Carol Pritcher – Fiber

Janis Proffitt – Wood

Kennie Riffey – Photography

George Rothery, Jr. – Painting

Remembering a beginning interest in the world of art from the first grade when he constantly drew ship and airplanes, George Rothery says it suddenly dawned on him in third grade how to add perspective. Enhancing this early interest in art was a love of the water, sailing and racing that began with his summers […]

Nancy Rowland-Engle – Jewelry

Dennis Sabo – Photography

  Dennis Sabo lives and creates in Loudon, Tennessee where he specializes in fine art abstract, landscape and seascape imagery. His fine art prints interweave his creative compositional expressions and vivid colors into nature’s greater scheme of things. “When I capture an image it is my hope that it evokes an emotional experience for the […]

Diana Dee Sarker – Painting/Drawing

Mary Saylor – 3D Mixed Media

Artist Bio: Mary Saylor, born in eastern Kentucky, but raised in Columbus, Ohio, moved to Knoxville in 2011.  Mary has been fascinated by all sorts of artistic endeavors from her childhood and was raised by parents who themselves were creative individuals.  Mary obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ohio University with a minor […]

Victoria Simmons – Painting/Drawing

I have spent most of my life creating images from nature. Whether the light reflecting on a mountain lake, or reflecting in the eyes of a fox, the natural world has always spoken to me. From the time I picked up my first crayon as a small child, I have been drawing animals. Dogs, cats, […]

Bradford Smith – Painting

Ron Smith – Mixed Media

Ron’s pens are designed to be attractive to the eye and to feel substantial in the hand.  He uses natural materials such as wood and  bone, and man-made materials, most commonly acrylics.  All are individually turned, sanded and finished and all are refillable with readily available pieces.

Linda Sullivan – Clay

Linda Sullivan, who holds an MFA in ceramics, creates functional and sculptural vessels out of stoneware and porcelain clays. Inspired by various landscapes and drawing on her strong background in painting, she employs a unique glazing process by pouring and overlapping her glazes in a purposeful, painterly way to depict landscape imagery. She says, “viewers […]

Ron Sullivan – Photography

Kristine Taylor – Jewelry

I am inspired by good design and beautiful color. My current work blends contemporary and ancient forms with abstract images. I use a blend of polymer clay and traditional jewelry materials to create unique, one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces of Jewelry. My work combines elegant, contemporary forms with beautiful color. Materials My work is made […]

Lynnda Tenpenny – Mixed Media

I believe art should be fun and beautiful and touch the viewer’s soul in some way. My current work is based on nature forms and leaf prints, but my true love is pattern and color. Patterns made by the veins in leaves, branches against the sky, and bark peeling off a tree trunk inspire me. […]

Fran Thie – Painting

Marilyn Turner – Painting, Mixed Media, Printmaking


Leilla White – Glass

Nelson Ziegler – Painting, Wood

Nelson Ziegler, of Sevierville, Tennessee in the Smoky Mountains, is a graduate of The Art Institute of Boston and Northwestern Academy of Watercolor. A member of the Oil Painters of America, National Watercolor Society, New England Watercolor Society, Tennessee Watercolor Society, Northshore Art Association, and the American Association of Woodturners. He has participated in numerous […]