The Art Market Gallery is a cooperative of more than sixty East Tennessee artists dedicated to providing a vibrant marketplace for original art and fine crafts. We are located in the heart of downtown Knoxville with convenient parking on Gay Street, State Street Parking Garage and Market Square Parking Garage.

Mixed Media 2D

Diane Aldrich – Mixed Media

I have a  Bachelor and Masters of Science in Art Education degrees and have taught art in New York and Florida  .I have exhibited in several galleries and shows,primarily in in both states. I have lived in Tennessee 4 years. My chosen media now is  mixed media: a combination of mono printing & drawing.

Anne E. Dally – Clay, Mixed Media

My journey into the world of art began at the University of Wisconsin where credits in ceramics and painting were required for a degree in Occupational Therapy. Harvey Littleton, a well known potter, introduced me to clay and the potter’s wheel. Work in ceramics was deferred during graduate work in Speech Pathology at Northwestern University […]

Lynnda Tenpenny – Mixed Media

I believe art should be fun and beautiful and touch the viewer’s soul in some way. My current work is based on nature forms and leaf prints, but my true love is pattern and color. Patterns made by the veins in leaves, branches against the sky, and bark peeling off a tree trunk inspire me. […]

Marilyn Turner – Painting, Mixed Media, Printmaking