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Art Market Gallery Watercolorists Win Awards at the 34th Juried Exhibition of the Tennessee Watercolor Society

news101 Brenda Mills – Drifting in Hanauma Bay

The Art Market Gallery (AMG) is comprised of painters, glass artists, printmakers, photographers, woodworkers, potters, fabric artists, jewelers, weavers, and sculptors. Locals and visitors to Knoxville can see this exceptional talent on display Tuesday through Sunday at our downtown Knoxville gallery. What a lot of folks are unaware of is that our artists are often recognized and distinguished for their exemplary artwork outside of AMG.

Lil Clinard, Brenda Mills, and Genie Even, three talented watercolor artists at AMG, were recently recognized by their peers and received awards at the opening reception of the 2014 34th Juried Exhibition of the Tennessee Watercolor Society. 

The Tennessee Watercolor Society (TnWS) was formed in 1971. The purpose of the TnWS is to elevate the stature of watercolor and educate the public to the significance of watercolor as an important, creative, permanent painting medium. Lil Clinard’s painting, “Blue Plan B,” was one of 30 paintings chosen for the travelling show which will travel around the state through the end of the year. Genie Even’s painting, “Dogwood Fall Foliage,” was also chosen to travel with the show. She won the Totally Transparent Watercolor award of $450 with that painting. Only certain paintings can qualify for this award. There can be no use of white paint anywhere in the painting. All whites must be the white of the paper! Brenda Mills won the $1,000 purchase award from Bancorp South for her painting “Drifting in Hanauma Bay.” The sponsors who offer a Purchase Award buy the painting for that amount.

While Genie finds inspiration from the secret life of plants, especially flowers in nature, Lil and Brenda find inspiration in the wonderful world of water. Lil states, “I really enjoy painting water, particularly its reflective properties and the illusion of motion it creates. I like to paint simple scenes and particularly boats and docks. They give a great linear effect especially when combined with reflections and shadows.” Brenda’s artwork in the TnWs was inspired from real world events–her snorkeling in Hawaii. Says Brenda, “Drifting in Hanauma Bay” is actually a portrait of a good friend of mine. We both share a love of the ocean and our underwater friends. She has actually never gotten to snorkel or dive with the Green Sea Turtles of Hanauma Bay in Hawaii but I have and it was an unforgettable experience.”

The Tennessee Watercolor Society’s 34th Juried Exhibition 2014, a biennial exhibition, will be at the O’More College of Design in Franklin, TN. The exhibit, juried by nationally known Artist Pat Dews, will be open to the public May 13 through June 13, 2014.

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