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Carole Stoiber

My name is Carole Stoiber and I am an Artist. I was born an artist and I hope to die making Art.

I received my degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Ceramics.

I have taught Art in one shape or form to children and adults, in schools, parks and church basements for thirty or more years.

I paint on anything and carve or mold out of anything. I use clay, watercolors, and oil/acrylics.

I paint for myself but love to paint for others if asked.

My husband and I very recently moved to Dandridge, Tn., after selling our home in Wilson, N.C. in 2 WEEKS!

We had been planning our retirement in Boquete, Panama for two years and the move did not involve our furniture, but the Panamanian borders closed due to the virus.

Where to go? What to do? Fortunately, my aunt had unfurnished rental property available and we moved in, putting half of our furnishing in storage as we downsize.

This move was a difficult one because we were forced to accept something that we did not want or plan on, but doesn’t everyone have these frustrations during a Pandemic?

We have landed on our feet in a beautiful little house by Douglas Lake. As we explored our new territory, we noticed a large tree that had been beached there on our shore. It was snarled, pale and worn; just like me. And so, the drifted tree is my first painting in our new home, “PLAN B.”

I start out by painting an underpainting with acrylics on a large beech board canvas. I have recently started painting on these as they are much more durable and can last 300 years or more. This aspect became important to me when I started painting portraits. I then use oils, sometimes with a palette knife and sometimes with the glazing technique.

When I was young, I learned watercolors by using endless dime store palettes of oval colors. I am predominately self-taught.

Art by Carole Stoiber