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Charles R Graves Featured

A native Southerner and the son of a TVA father, Charles spent his youth in and around the Tennessee Valley finally landing in Memphis as a teen. His passion for art found its voice in an art class his senior year in high school. From there, Charles studied at the Memphis Academy of Art earning a BFA in photography and sculpture. His career track took him on a venture into marketing, merchandising, creative direction, and brand licensing in various cities and through a variety of avenues including museums, product companies, and creative and marketing positions with iconic brands such as National Geographic, Better Homes and Gardens, and HGTV / DIY Network. At the end of 2015 Charles left National Geographic and returned to East Tennessee and Knoxville focusing on photography and expanding his knowledge of the digital camera.

Charles finds motivation and inspiration by life and the beauty seen around him. Throughout his journey, he has consistently taken photographs. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but always with a vision in mind. Charles says he sees the world as if looking through a lens. In the last few decades that need to capture the image has become more intense finding beauty and meaning in subjects that interest him: nature, cityscapes, structures, people in interesting places. Most concerned with subject, composition, and color (or the lack of), he puts to use what was learned with his BFA and in his observations in life. “I’m concerned not only with the image, but also with presentation. My choice of medium and frame centers on how I can bring the best out of the image. My effort is for a total package.”

Art by Charles R Graves