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Cindy Marrazzo Featured

From Art to Fire and Explosives and Back Again!

International Artist, Engineer and Scientist,  Cindy  Marrazzo  says,   “Art never fails to bring me happiness, whether in the form of  painting or dancing, art renews my passion.”

Most  of  Marrazzo’s  childhood  and  high  school  years  revolved around art.   As a teen,  Marrazzo received multiple awards for her artwork. Cindy and  her three  art teachers had their sights set on the Art Institute of Chicago for Cindy.  However, her parents wanted something more practical.  So at 16 when she graduated high school, she locked her paint brush away, and at 17, enlisted in the US Marine Corps.  With the help of the USMC, Marrazzo traveled throughout most of the US, where she explored her love of nature and details became an integral part of her character.

Marrazzo started college in Architecture. She graduated with honors with a degree in Fire Protection Engineering in 1980. She worked for organizations such as NASA and JANNAF, did explosives research, fire investigations, worked on programs for the stealth bomber and the shuttle, did post graduate coursework in Biomechanical and Civil Engineering.  After thirty six (36) years of working as an engineer; raising children and Irish Wolfhounds, art was still calling her. After losing her engineering job in a down economy, Cindy took a friend’s suggestion and picked up her paint brushes to rekindle her love of art.  Finally content, she is delighted to have a second chance to fulfill her dreams.

Marrazzo’s background as a US Marine and as an engineer has influenced the Marrazzo Style of traditional realism. The science education has enhanced her art knowledge and ability, especially in classes such as anatomy, light & reflection, fluid mechanics (water & air movement), color spectrum and architecture. She uses math in her designs to deliver realistic accurate details, while her use of darks and lights provide amazing light to her paintings.  In the details, her paintings represent the character and heart of the builder, whether the builder is Mother Nature or a gifted craftsman.  Her style makes the viewer feel like they are there with her, actually walking up the steps, admiring the architecture and craftsmanship, touching the flowers.

Marrazzo artwork can be found throughout the United States, Canada & Europe and is currently displayed at:

Solo Art Exhibit at Norris Lake, Deerfield, LaFollete, TN (Sept. 17, 2022)

Lindsay’s Tile and Carpet, La Follette, TN (Sept 2020)

White’s Tire and Auto, La Follette, TN (March 2022)

Mother Earth Massage Studio, Jacksboro, TN (Since May 2022)

Marrazzo Art Studios Gallery, Jacksboro, TN (Since 2015 IL – 2020 TN)

Solo Exhibit Barrington White House, Barrington IL (Sept 2019)

Carriage Trade Art Gallery of Long Grove, IL (Aug 2010 to May 2015 – Closed)