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Curtis Imerman


I consider myself as being a self-taught artist.  I started with pencil and paper drawings at an early age.  My early interest in drawing lead to a career as a Mechanical Designer for a major U.S. crane manufacturer.  While designing cranes, my God given talent was called upon in preparing conceptual drawings of crane designs.  In the early 70s I began preparing pen and ink drawings using a quill-type pen, and ink from a bottle. 

My current interest in pen and ink drawing is focused on weathered barns from across the Midwest, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and wildlife as a secondary interest.  I currently have over 100 of my pen and ink barn drawings completed for my journal.  I am memorializing weathered barns in a journal, I have titled “Palaces on the Prairies”.  My work is to document barns that are disappearing from our country’s landscape at an ever increasing pace. 

* Born in Hampton, Iowa
* Relocated to Lexington, Kentucky 1990 – 2014
* Relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee 2014 – present
* Retired


o 1966 - Graduated Hampton Community High School, Hampton IA
o 1968 - Graduated North Iowa Area Community College, Mason City IA
(Associate of Applied Science Degree – Mechanical Design)
* Art Background
o Self-taught - Started at a young age
o Minimum experience in oil paintings (class at local community center in Cedar Rapids
o Experimented with watercolor painting (mainly black-wash)
o Produced multiple paintings using acrylic paint
o Glass etchings (sand blasting & liquid etching) (class at local community center in Cedar
Rapids Iowa)
o Pencil drawings (non-colored)
o Minimum work with colored pencil
o Pen and ink drawings (extensive)
o Specializing in pen and ink drawings of older, weathered barns

Art by Curtis Imerman