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Kate Watson

Kate Peebles Watson found her artistic calling at the age of 53 when she came across Plein Air painters at Duncan’s Boat Dock while bicycling in the sunshine in the spring of 2013. The “Artists on Location” (a program with the Knoxville Museum of Art) were so intriguing, that Kate decided at that moment it was time to “get around to those things she would do one day”. It was time to try her hand at painting --in oil.

Kate proceeded to take noncredit courses at the University of Tennessee, pursued months of classes at a community art center, and many specialized workshops under an array of gifted instructors. Kate has benefited most deeply from mentoring courses with Kathie Odom, a nationally revered and successful artist who resides in Walland, Tennessee.

Kate’s work has been accepted and displayed in the “Arts in the Airport” exhibit, the office of the Mayor of Knoxville, and at The Emporium Gallery.

Kate enjoys continually learning and is captivated by challenges. Kate is a self-proclaimed “late bloomer” and is so grateful for this God-given gift. The Lord’s creation and nature has inspired this “awakening” for her.


To Him Be the Glory


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Art by Kate Watson