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Kristine Taylor


I grew up in northern California and have lived in east Tennessee for over 26 years. My professional background includes bookkeeping, accounting, and being a manager and baker in my families restaurant / bakery business. I have a degree in Cell Biology from the University of Tennessee.
I began making jewelry as a hobby while I was in college. My passion for designing and making beautiful jewelry eventually led me to begin my jewelry business, Designs by Kristine. I have been making my jewelry for 18 years. I discovered polymer clay, a medium that allows me to have more control over the shape, texture and color of my jewelry pieces. I also enjoy the fact that polymer clay is a medium notcommonly used by jewelry artists (though its popularity is growing).
My jewelry has evolved over time into a contemporary look that is inspired by the ethnic cultures I grew up around in California and the beautiful natural colors of east Tennessee. Each piece of my jewelry is a one of a kind piece with much thought and time put into its design and construction.


I design and produce one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces of jewelry with polymer clay. I chose polymer clay as my medium because its versatility provides me with many design possibilities. I like to use rich colors to create jewelry with contemporary, ethnic inspired design. On occasion, I use other materials including metal, fibers, stones and pearls with the polymer clay to create unique and elegant pieces of jewelry. The metal components of my jewelry are sterling silver, 14k
gold-filled or 14k gold (occasionally brass or copper may be used).


The polymer clay components of my jewelry are created by hand shaping and applying various surface designs to the clay. Surface design techniques I use include inlay, marbling, carving, mokumé gané, and image transfer. Most of the clay components are sanded after they are cured to create a smooth matte finish. Many pieces are further polished to produce a high shine.

Art by Kristine Taylor