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Roger Kroll

I have been involved in the jewelry industry for over 50 years. I am a native of New York City, and began learning the skills of making jewelry from my father, who owned a jewelry manufacturing company in Manhatten. As a young person, I learned to use some of the basic tools and materials used in jewelry making, and was immediately allured into the craft.

After graduating with B.F.A. and M.F.A. Degrees from The School for American Crafts, Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in metal and jewelry arts, I taught special education for four years in upstate New York. From there I joined the faculty at East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee. After building a M.F.A. Program in metal arts, I left the university to pursue a career in my own jewelry business. Opening a manufacturing company in Sarasota, Florida, I learned the skills necessary in production, business and marketing. After a successful 19 years in this business, I decided to return to the beautiful mountains and lakes of East Tennessee. I bought a beautiful 10 acre land site on Douglas Lake near historic Dandridge and spent 4 years building my home and studio, mostly by myself. During this time, I also renewed my love of creating individual jewelry pieces.

After 7 years at the lake, I decided to move to Knoxville, Tennessee. I have continued my jewelry arts career in my well equipped studio at the west side of town. Through the years, I have exhibited extensively in exhibitions and juried shows and have been included in several private collections in this country and abroad. It has been written, "Clearly evident in Kroll's work is a keen sense of inventiveness, craftsmanship and sensitivity of design." The intent of my jewelry is to create a functional art form. My goal is to explore form, shape, texture and color, incorporating the vast "pallet" of techniques and materials available to the precious metal artist. 

Art by Roger Kroll