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Artist Statement

I am a ceramic artist that creates two distinct bodies of work, functional tabletop ware and sculptural pieces. Though they serve different roles, the two bodies of work share several unifying features.  

Texture, adornment and detail are the hallmarks of my work.  Primarily, I am fascinated and inspired by patterns and symbols, be they geometric or organic.  My other influences are those from nature, architectural elements, textiles/furnishings, relief printmaking and other artworks not limited to ceramics.

Art Education/Bio

After a nearly 20 year career in advertising and marketing, I decided to take some time off from the corporate world and subsequently signed up for a community wheel-throwing pottery class.  I quickly transitioned into handbuilding with clay and was immediately hooked.  I returned to college and completed 30 course hours in studio art and art history.   Additionally, I have taken several clay and drawing workshops at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.


Rather than being made on a pottery wheel, all pieces are handbuilt from rolled out slabs of off-white stoneware clay. Texture and imagery are achieved through the use of created and found objects pressed into the clay or by carving.  Color is achieved through the use of underglazes and glazes used at the various stages of making.  Everything is fired in an electric kiln a minimum of two times to a final temperature of 2220o F. 

Group Shows

The District Gallery, Women in Clay/Terra Madre, Knoxville, March-April, 2014 and August 2016

Art Market Gallery, 3-D Featured Artist, Knoxville, December 2013

ArtXtravaganza(formerly Art of Webbfest) Knoxville, annually, 2004-2009, 2011- 2013

Artsclamation!Knoxville, annually, 2004-2013, 2016

Good Friends, Buckhorn Inn, Gatlinburg, TN, September-October 2013, 2015

Flora and Fauna, Terra Madre at Blount Mansion, Knoxville, April 2012

Arts in the Airport, Merit Award Winner, McGhee Tyson Airport, Knoxville, May-October, 2011

ArtScapes, Knoxville Museum of Art, September 2010, 2011

Art Market Gallery, 3-D Featured Artist, Knoxville, June 2010

Art Market Galley, New Member Show, Knoxville, May 2009

Fountain City Art Center, Blessings from the Earth Terra Madre, Knoxville, March 2008

Fountain City Art Center, Women in Clay Terra Madre, Knoxville, November 2005

Scripps Networks Juried Employee Art Show, Knoxville, 2001


“Reshaping Herself” Artist Spotlight,Knoxville News-Sentinel, August 2014

500 Teapots, Vol. 2, Lark Publishing

Clay TimesMagazine, “The Gallery,”  Winter 2011 Issue


Art Market Gallery, Knoxville (Board of Directors 2010-12)

Foothills Craft Guild, East Tennessee

Knoxville Arts & Culture Alliance

Terra Madre (Women in Clay), Knoxville

I’ve been an artist ever since I held crayons. I decorated everything and made endless mud-pies. I was the busiest, messiest kid on the block.

It was logical and practical of course to study medical technology, that was until I took a painting class. Liver flukes lost their glamor, replaced by my real passion, mud-pies. I graduated with a B.S.F.A. from the University of South Dakota, and continued making art, and still continue. I feel like the guy in “Close Encounters” making the lumps of clay into Devils Tower, not knowing why, just knowing he must.

My creations are spontaneous. I see compelling images in a lump of clay. The clay speaks to me, wills itself into a certain form. I am fascinated by shape, color, and movement. For me making art is a way of seeing, being, and thinking. I am grateful that earth formed art previously known as mud-pies replaced microorganisms. Hope you enjoy!

Larry Gabbard began his pottery career after moving to Kingston, TN.    His initial training began at Oak Ridge Art Center.  Most of Larry’s pottery is wheel thrown, but he seeks out unique alternative kilns and firing techniques.  Some of his alternative firings are: raku, horse hair, saggar, obvara, and pit firing.  Larry seeks out well known potters and attends workshops  to learn their unique techniques.  He has attended classes at John Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC, Hambidge Center for Creative Arts at Rabun Gap, GA, Mudfire Gallery, at Decatur, GA, as well as the ORAC at Oak Ridge, TN.  Larry enjoys fast-firing techniques which create a rich variety of textures and colors on bisque clay.  He finds the unexpected marks made when clay, heat, and smoke interact to be among the most intriguing and challenging of finishes to perfect and reproduce. 

Member of:     Foothills Craft Guild

                        Art & Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville

                        Art Market Gallery of Knoxville

                        Oak Ridge Art Center

Linda Sullivan, who holds an MFA in ceramics, creates functional and sculptural vessels out of stoneware and porcelain clays. Inspired by various landscapes and drawing on her strong background in painting, she employs a unique glazing process by pouring and overlapping her glazes in a purposeful, painterly way to depict landscape imagery. She says, “viewers of my work often verbalize about being reminded of landscapes from their own personal experiences and [share with me] the memories that the imagery evokes.”

In 1997 I retired from the automotive industry and moved from Michigan to Knoxville, Tennessee and began my career as an artist. Recently, my interests have expanded to exploring new methods in photography and digital imaging. My art has evolved from traditional photography work to using digital elements and techniques.

 I start with an image and use techniques such as digital brush work, color manipulation, layering and other methods, to create integrated Photo Illustration effects.  My work can be seen locally at The Art Market Gallery and The Knoxville Museum of Art. I have taken classes at Pellissippi State Community College and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. Most of my training has been self-directed and I have been inspired by the works of many regional artists.

I also have a line of card that feature many of the local buildings and business around Knoxville. I am a former member the Foothills Craft Guild, ETACA and former Board of the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists. My work has bin shown in galleries in Tennessee and North Carolina.

None of the work is for sale or in the Art Market Gallery

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