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Mercury Reborn


Mercury Reborn is a depiction of Freddie Mercury during the mid-80s Live Aid performance which many credit for reigniting fans’ passion for him and Queen. His performance during this gathering of epic musicians (The Who, U2, David Bowie, Elton John, etc.) is still described as the greatest comeback the music world has ever witnessed. 

Queen fans fell in love again. Freddie’s on stage rebirth gave way to a stadium comeback tour for the band in 1986. It would be the group’s last tour before Freddie lost his life to AIDS at 45. 

I chose to paint Freddie at that exact moment in time when, despite all the criticism he had suffered, he chose to open himself up and bare his soul to the world again. He chose to share himself completely with a music world that had shunned him. In that moment, Freddie Mercury’s star shined brighter than any other musician who has ever lived or will ever comeMercury Reborn is available at 


Art Details

  • Price: $220
  • Status: Available
  • Size ("): 24x30