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A native Southerner and the son of a TVA father, Charles spent his youth in and around the Tennessee Valley finally landing in Memphis as a teen. His passion for art found its voice in an art class his senior year in high school. From there, Charles studied at the Memphis Academy of Art earning a BFA in photography and sculpture. His career track took him on a venture into marketing, merchandising, creative direction, and brand licensing in various cities and through a variety of avenues including museums, product companies, and creative and marketing positions with iconic brands such as National Geographic, Better Homes and Gardens, and HGTV / DIY Network. At the end of 2015 Charles left National Geographic and returned to East Tennessee and Knoxville focusing on photography and expanding his knowledge of the digital camera.

Charles finds motivation and inspiration by life and the beauty seen around him. Throughout his journey, he has consistently taken photographs. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but always with a vision in mind. Charles says he sees the world as if looking through a lens. In the last few decades that need to capture the image has become more intense finding beauty and meaning in subjects that interest him: nature, cityscapes, structures, people in interesting places. Most concerned with subject, composition, and color (or the lack of), he puts to use what was learned with his BFA and in his observations in life. “I’m concerned not only with the image, but also with presentation. My choice of medium and frame centers on how I can bring the best out of the image. My effort is for a total package.”

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The recipient of the 2020 Healing Power of Art excellence award from Manhattan Art International, New York, New York City, Dennis offers unique landscapes and natural world abstracts that capture the beauty and spirit of nature.

Dennis's fine art has been included in solo and group gallery exhibitions, commercial installations and private home collections throughout the United States and internationally, and also in books, magazines, and multimedia worldwide including NOVA, PBS, National Geographic, Canon U.S.A., Portfolio Magazine Florida, and Blue Planet. Locally in Eastern Tennessee his work has been shown in the Arts in the Airport, National Juried Exhibition, Dogwood Fine Arts Exhibition, the Emporium Center, and Bliss Home Designs. His beautiful artwork is found in commercial installations and private home collections throughout the United States and internationally. Dennis Sabo Photography was rated Best of Houzz in 2020 in client satisfaction, the highest level for client satisfaction by the Houzz community.

Dennis is considered to be a master at transforming an image into something the viewer can connect with emotionally. His painterly and emotionally charged photographs are reminiscent of the best works of art by the legendary Impressionists while capturing light and its effect on the landscape with a contemporary vibrancy and energy. Color and Light while at the fore front of his photography is not his only conscious art play. Most of his nature imagery is a microcosm of a subject so that collectors can emotionally relate to the artwork regardless where they live.

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Dennis Sabo on HouzzDennis Sabo on Houzz

Within every city block there are windows with unique reflections. Created within their layered imagery is a surrealism that lies beneath the surface. A double exposure illusion where the reflection becomes the reality, suggesting that nothing is ever what it appears to be. These portrayals shake up our visual muscles allowing us to see the unusual in the usual. I am drawn to reflection and juxtaposition. Since childhood, I’ve had a penchant for mysteries and puzzles. Often in my work, I will patiently wait for a passerby to merge into the reflection. Each hidden component adds a touch of mystery that only becomes apparent to those that take the time to look more deeply.

Fabric Bio:

Fiber Art has been my passion and trade for most of my life. Over the years I have migrated from working with cotton quilting fabrics to the more versatile home decor fabric lines. I enjoy the challenge of creating vessel forms where I can push my own limits as well as the limits of technique and materials.The wide variety of patterns, texture and weave of designer fabrics allows me to create designs that impersonate other materials, so my work falls somewhere between quilting, basketry, pottery, and sculpture. Unlike clay, which can be molded into forms, fabric needs to be cut, folded, then stitched to achieve the desired shape — a fiber origami of sorts. Adding organic finds from nature, discoveries from salvage yards, and distinctive trims ensure a one-of-a-kind handcrafted piece of art.

Member of:

Professional Photographers of East Tennessee
Arts & Culture Alliance
League of Scruffy Photographers

Exploring nature in East Tennessee creates the opportunity to become one with nature.   It  is the best way for me to relax, decompress and recharge my spirits.  My favorite and inspirational artistic style is Impressionism.  With its emphasis on loose brush strokes and vivid colors, it is an artistic approach that invites people to slow down and savor the moment. 


My Impressionistic Photography is how I capture and share the relaxed feelings of being one with nature.  It also allows me to invite others to slow down, breathe deeply and enjoy the experience with me.

Before moving to East Tennessee, I had the opportunity to create and teach basic and advanced photography  at Benedictine University in Naperville, Illinois.  After moving to East Tennessee, I  began to teach photography classes for the various park districts in the area. I currently teach Fine Art Photography at the University of Tennessee and provide training on the Elements of Art and Principles of Design through local Art Guilds.

Besides the Art Market Gallery, my photography has been on display through the Emporium Center, The Tennessee Artist Association, The Plateau Arts Center in Crossville, the Art Guild in Tellico Vilage, Arts at the Airport, the City of Knoxville  Mayors Office, the Knoxville County Mayors office,  the Loudon County Visitors' Center and the Venue Conference Center in Lenoir City.  

I am currently a member of

            Professional photographers of America

            Professional Photographers of East Tennessee

            Tennessee Artists Association

            The Knoxville Arts and Culture Alliance

            Art Guild of Tellico Village

            Fairfield Glade Art Guild

With a background in photojournalism, Synthia Clark is an award-winning photographer based in Knoxville, Tennessee with a focus towards what she calls “the little things.” To Synthia, these are the obscure, usually unnoticed details all around us. When she isn’t working at the University of Tennessee, she displays her work in various outlets and enters photo competitions. From tree bark in her hometown of Rockwood, Tennessee to faded graffiti in the alleys of Bergen, Norway, Synthia has traveled to parts of the world photographing the minute details she has a passion for.

My most recent photos can be found on the Photo Excursions blog roll. I also have additional information on my Shows and Memberships page.

For me, the creative process of Art is the place where soul meets body.  I’m constantly looking for and finding Art in the changing environments of daily life.  There are a lot of subjects I enjoy painting including still lifes, nature, and  portraits, but I am particularly drawn to older man-made structures…signs, commercial buildings, houses, barns, doors and windows and other structural or graphic details...remnants of times gone by.  Some of them literally take my breath away and those are the ones I paint. I love the kitsch and character and craftsmanship of these relics and enjoy giving them new life on canvas. 

Terri Swaggerty was a sidewalk portrait artist at the World’s Fair, Expo ’82.  She then became self employed as a professional retouch artist (pre computer era), specializing in photo restoration and hand coloring. She received state and national awards as well as the Tennessee Artisan Degree from the TPPA in 1998.  She fell naturally into wedding and portrait photography and soon received 1st place awards in both Wedding and Portrait categories from the TPPA.  Terri still works part time as a Wedding and Portrait photographer. She also shoots Fine Art Photography. 

Her career had left little time for painting but in 2013 she decided to pursue a lifelong dream to immerse herself in Art and develop her painting skills.  She began studying with local artists including Seth Haverkamp. Kathie Odom, and Connie Gaertner.  Terri has shown locally at TVUUC, The Tomato Head Restaurant, and Artemis Gallery in Apalachicola Florida. 

She was awarded a Jurors Choice Award in Allscapes Knoxville 2016.