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Artist Spotlight – Kathy Holland


Kathy Holland, an Art Market Gallery artist, was recently interviewed by Noelle Harb for a Knoxville Cityview article. Kathy told me that it’s the only true-to-life article on her that she’s ever seen in print. Says Kathy, “It’s me through and through.”

Kathy continues to refine her craft and when I asked her to describe her style of painting she indicated that she is totally over using photos as a reference. “I work directly from life, as-is, where- is or else from drawings and studies done on-site through a sort of translation process. A more immediate and improvisational way of working seems more authentic at this point,” says Kathy.

Drawing is Kathy’s forte and marks the structure in her work but increasingly so do color interactions. Kathy’s new work is to take some small color landscapes drawn from life and translate them into paint and to a larger scale. “Making studies on-site helps me remember the essence of the place and the lay of the land, the sense of space, the light quality and weather much more effectively than taking photographs,” says Kathy.

The Knoxville Cityview article on Kathy is in the July/August issue of Knoxville Cityview magazine on newsstands or free at


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