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Road to Avalon

The three drawings in this “trilogy” of barns can be found along Old Hickory Road on the way to the Avalon Housing Development and Golf Course. 

The top barn is the first barn you drive past after turning off Wall Road onto Old Hickory Road.  The barn is on the left, and sits back off the road a short distance.  This drawing is from a picture as the barn appeared in April 2018.

The middle barn is further down the road on the left.  The barn sits close to the road.  The poor condition of this barn provides lots of character and uniqueness in subject matter for this drawing.  This drawing is from a picture of this barn taken in April 2018. 

The bottom picture is a drawing of the middle barn as it appeared in May 2020.  Half of the barn is collapsed.  The collapse may have been “natural causes” like wind, dry rot, or both.  The barn could have collapsed while being razed, or scavenged for the aging wood.


All three of the drawings preserve the uniqueness of each of the barns. Contact me if I need to provide more information.

Art Details

  • Medium: Pencil Drawing
  • Price: $150
  • Status: Available
  • Size ("): matted and framed): 11.5" X 21.0"