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  • Size (") 40x30

Originally from Michigan, I taught for a number of years in public schools and colleges. This included classroom teaching, instructional media and graphics. Art has away been an integral part of my life and I continue to explore various areas of art.

Narrative Painting and Abstract Painting are the focus of my work. My background in painting, clay, fused glass, collage and fiber arts brings dimension to my work.  Although painting has become my main focus it often includes influences from other areas. I have taught classes locally in painting, image transfer and repurposed books.

I have received BA and MA degrees from Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI. Special classes at Flint Institute of Arts, MI, Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, MI, Arrowmont School of Arts, Gatlinburg, TN, Oak Ridge Art Center, Oak Ridge,TN. As well as various workshops and classes.

Artist Statement

Painting is an evolving process for me. After several layers of gesso or mediums are applied to create texture, I am ready to start painting. I seldom start with a fixed idea. A flood of several colors initially covers much of the surface to get me started. Once these dry, I may carve into the surface of a wood canvas and/or collage the surface. I study the canvas to see where it takes me. Judging values and interest will lead to more layers of paint. Collage, image transfers, found objects and words add additional layers.

Much time is given to studying the work to let it tell me the direction to go. Deciding is the hard art. Doing is much easier. Exploring with a variety of materials and processes is what art is all about to me.

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